About Us

The Connecticut College of Emergency Physicians is the local chapter of national ACEP, the American College of Emergency Physicians. Founded in 1972, the chapter actively represents more than 400 emergency physicians and residents in Connecticut.

We are actively involved in a wide range of issues that matter to emergency physicians and our patients, including emergency medical services and liability reform. We provide our members with significant benefits through active committees, continuing medical education programs and legislative lobbying.

Our mission includes:

  • To be the voice of emergency medicine in the state of Connecticut
  • To increase respect in the house of medicine by providing leadership at the local, state and national levels
  • To respond to the practice needs of our members through education, information and advocacy
  • To provide a forum for social interaction and networking with other emergency physicians from around the state


Board of Directors
President: Daniel Freess, MD
Vice President: Bryan Jordan, DO
Treasurer: Michael Zanker, MD
Immediate Past President: Thomas Brunell, MD

Board Members:
Ije Akunjili, MD
Eliot Blum, MD
Alexis Cordiano, MD 
Mark Dziedzic, MD
David John, MD 
Karen Jubanyik, MD
Rich Kamin, MD
Seth Lotterman, MD
Alberto Perez, MD
Douglas Smith, DO
Listy Thomas, MD
Cynthia Tucker, MD
Arjun Venkatesh, MD

Daniel Freess, MD
David John, MD
Alberto Perez, MD
Morton Salomon, MD
Mark Dziedzic, MD
Thomas Brunell, MD

Alternate Councillors
Michael Carius, MD
David Wilcox, MD
Elizabeth Schiller, MD
Karen Jubanyik, MD
Greg Shangold, MD
Listy Thomas, MD 

Committees and Task Forces:
Education: Daniel Freess, MD
Bylaws: Michael L. Carius, MD
Finance: David Wilcox, MD
Governmentt Affairs/Legislative: Michael Zanker, MD
EMS Advisory Committee: Michael Zanker, MD/Richard Kamin, MD
DPH OEMS Liaison: Rich Kamin, MD

Executive Directors: Tricia Dinneen Priebe and Lisa Winkler View our chapter bylaws (PDF)